CBD oil is one of the most popular products derived from cannabidiol. This is due to its ease of use. CBD is becoming increasingly popular on the market. Extracted from hemp plants, its relaxing and calming properties are no longer to be presented. Today you can find CBD oils of all kinds on the market. In the rest of this article, we will explain how to use CBD oil to improve your daily health.

What is CBD oil?

Let’s first look at the basics of CBD oil before addressing its many uses. Cannabidiol oil is an oil extracted from hemp. CBD is one of the cannabinoids contained in hemp Sativa. These molecules interact with the endocannabinoid system. These CBD oils, unlike their cousin THC, are not psychoactive.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

CBD oils have real therapeutic virtues. They are used to:

  • control anxiety and limit stress;
  • as an analgesic thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties;
  • against chronic inflammatory diseases;
  • to recover sleep.

What are the different types of CBD oil?

There are many types of CBD oil on the market. Each one is enriched with CBD. Depending on the CBD oil extraction technique, it will act differently. But there are two main categories of CBD oil you should be aware of:

  • CBD oils composed of CBD isolate: they are composed of pure CBD isolate and pure CBD crystals (concentration above 95%). These oils are truly pure. Manufacturers often add flavorings to make them more palatable.
  • Full spectrum oils: these CBD oils are composed of a vegetable oil base (hemp, coconut, oliveā€¦) and a hemp extract containing cannabidiol. It preserves cannabinoids and terpenes. This oil is very appreciated because it is assimilated much faster thanks to the “environment effect”.

How to use cannabidiol oil?

CBD oils are multipurpose oils. Their dropper bottle-pipette format is practical. It allows administering CBD in different ways. It is the easiest CBD derivative to use. To use your CBD oil, it is enough to carry a pipette and to administer 3 to 4 drops per day at the most (1 to 2 for oils with a high concentration of CBD). For more information about CBD Oil, and its beneficial effects, you may check out Health well being for additional tips and ideas.

Before consuming your oil, it is necessary to determine the dosage. To do this, try 0.5 to 1 milligram of CBD oil per kilogram of your weight. Never more than 15 drops per day. These 15 drops should be spread over 2-3 intakes during the day and not all at once. Especially in high-concentration oils (above 20% cannabidiol). Then you can gradually increase your dosage. To dose your CBD oil well, you should start with the lowest dose in the ideal. Wait a few days and several doses to observe the effects well.


What makes CBD oil so popular is its simplicity of use, but above all the possibilities of use that it can offer. Not only is it practical, but it adapts to the tastes of consumers. In fact, CBD hemp oils often have very pronounced aromas. To counteract this unpleasant taste for some palates, other methods of consumption are found to enjoy all its benefits.

Sublingual use

All CBD oils are consumed sublingually. Depending on your tastes or needs, CBD oils come in different dosages ranging from 10% to 40% for experienced consumers. This is the quintessential mode of cannabidiol oil consumption.

In cooked dishes

For those who do not like to consume CBD oil under the tongue and do not appreciate its taste, another option is the intake of CBD oil with food. For cooking, one should make sure that the CBD oils are full-spectrum.

Dermal application

A fact that is little known to the public, cannabidiol oil can be applied dermally. Some plant oils are the base of CBD and are beneficial. You can integrate them with cosmetic products such as day cream, especially if you have skin problems such as eczema or psoriasis.