For many years, people have somewhat “forsaken” food. Indeed, if in the past, people ate healthy because they had no real choice (farm, fields…) and supermarkets and other freezers did not exist, little by little, eating became almost an insignificant detail of everyone’s life. Today, most people eat to feed themselves and have therefore lost the taste for food. The reasons are more than numerous. In reality, we have simply changed our relationship with food. Before, people enjoyed a good meal, now we eat to survive and then we move on.

Food no longer has the same impact on our lives. Now we also eat to punish ourselves for something, to comfort us, when we are angry… Therefore, it is difficult to enjoy food these days. Moreover, we often try to save time in our busy days and that’s when we have a quick lunch, we stop at a fast food restaurant because we don’t have time to eat well before going back to work and in the evening, at home.

We can also take industrial, cooked and frozen dishes out of the freezer because we are exhausted and don’t feel like cooking. But, little by little, people have decided to relearn how to eat healthy again. The many food scandals, a wish to return to something more natural, less toxic have made organic food attract more and more people. But concretely, we wanted to ask ourselves the question and understand why eating organic and what are the real benefits of organic food.

Why should we switch to organic food?

Eating organic is eating healthy (as a rule)

In supermarkets, more and more shelves feature organic products. When shopping, one inevitably wonders why these organic products are also present on the shelves. Eating organic is particularly beneficial for many reasons, and the main reason is that eating organic is healthy eating. Why is that?

Quite simply because all products from organic farming contain far fewer pesticides and heavy metals. Thus, having an organic food will allow you to eat healthy. Many studies confirm this.

To give you an idea, you are 18 times more likely to find pesticide residues in products from conventional agriculture than in products from organic farming. As you should know, pesticides are not good for your health and your body, so if you change your diet to eat organic, you will do your body good.

Eating organic is good for the environment

The second reason why people eat organic food is that this type of agriculture is beneficial for the environment. Concretely, organic farming helps to protect the soil and reduce erosion. Indeed, in conventional agriculture, many pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used, which is harmful to the soil and the environment itself. In organic agriculture, organic plant or animal matter is used, and the soil is not necessarily subject to aggression from chemicals.

Eating products with more taste

You may not know it, but organically grown food tastes better and is tastier. This is scientifically proven. You may not notice it for all foods, but for fruits and vegetables, the difference in taste is really striking. You are probably wondering why? The reason is simple, organic fruits and vegetables are harvested when they are perfectly ripe, so they have time to gorge themselves in aromas, which will enhance their taste.

Eating organic is not just for the rich

Many people don’t eat organic because they believe it is expensive. So while organic farming requires more work, more time and more labor, it doesn’t mean that organic products are expensive. Of course, prices are still higher than products from conventional agriculture, but organic products are becoming more affordable over the years. Indeed, currently, organic agriculture benefits from a number of subsidies, which allows to lower the prices of products in stores.

A real state of mind

Much more than a simple diet, organic is a true state of mind. You may never have realized it, but most people who eat organic, also live “organic”. Indeed, it is not enough to have a healthy diet, it is also necessary to have a healthy lifestyle. By eating organic, you commit yourself to the environment, you see the world in a different light.

Eating organic means fighting against pollution and chemicals, it also means helping farmers to make a better living from their work. Eating organic is eating balanced, varied, pesticide-free, GMO-free. You can’t eat organic food, you can live it to the fullest. By living organically, we show how committed we are to the environment, to the respect of living species, to nature and agriculture. In a word, we protect the planet.

Discovering new foods

When you go shopping in supermarkets, the fruit and vegetable departments are always the same. It is therefore difficult to innovate in the kitchen when you are always offered the same products. But thanks to organic food, the color of your plates will completely change. Go to an organic store (not a supermarket) and look at all the products on offer.

So, if you too wish to learn to eat better while showing your commitment to the planet, the best way to do so will be to switch to organic food. At first, you may miss your diet rich in fats and other chemicals. But as the days go by, when you realize the benefits of this new diet, you won’t be able to do without it.